Masonry Contractor
Fort Collins CO

Masonry Contractor
Fort Collins CO

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If you are looking for high-quality masonry services in Fort Collins, CO you are in the right place. Fort Collins Masonry, is a leading local masonry contractor near Denver, Colorado.

Brick, stone, and concrete blocks used in masonry construction are the most common materials. Masonry is a world-renowned construction technique because of its many advantages.

We know you need a company that meets your expectations when it comes to stonework. That is why we offer comprehensive service and Masonry Repairs.



Masonry Contractor Fort Collins, CO
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    Our Masonry Contractor Services

    We are proud to offer one of the widest ranges of services in Fort Collins, Colorado. And it’s not just about the range but the quality too.  Customer testimonials attest to the fact that our services are widely appreciated.  We are Masonry Patio Contractor, Paver Contractor, Mason, Bricklayer, Name it all! We Work Hard!

    Commercial Masonry

    When the exterior of your commercial property is made of stone, brick, or concrete blocks, , you will need the services of an excellent commercial masonry contractor during its lifetime. No property is built to last forever. Buildings will eventually show signs of wear and tear or damage; this is more so for commercial masonry.

    Remember that masonry has a given lifespan. Whether you have warehouses, office buildings, or shopping malls, do not wait until they are too damaged before you do any work. At any time, you will be forced to incur unexpected reconstruction costs. It’s advisable to always choose in advance the preventive maintenance and repair of a qualified stonemason.

    You can count on our expertise and experience to help you prioritize your business property. This will ensure that the property maintains or increases in value over time. We cover the following commercial services:


    • Retaining Wall                           
    • Fire Pit
    • Crown Repair
    • Outdoor Kitchen
    • Chimney Repair
    • Brick and Block Restoration
    • Brick Tinting
    • Brick Cleaning
    • Tuckpointing
    • Repointing
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    Residential Masonry

    We specialize in both outdoor and indoor residential work for your Masonry Fort Collins.

    Our decades of experience in both exterior and interior residential ensures we deliver high-quality workmanship at a reasonable price, whether your project is interior or exterior, decorative or structural. From retaining walls privacy walls to fire places and stone entrances, our masonry services are high-quality and dependable.

    Fort Collins Masonry, in Colorado, can work from your drawings or help determine the action plan with the recommendations of our design team. 

    Residential services include everything in the masonry structure – brick, stone, block, vapor barrier, water repellent, insulation, and polishing. We work in a collaborative environment to provide solutions to construction challenges during the design and construction process. This way we are able to provide a masonry wall system that stands the test of time.

    We have built a foundation of trust with our customers through education and effective and timely communication. We ensure the quality of our work with the most qualified team, with full attention to detail site management, and effective research and follow-up.

    From our initial meeting to the final links, we focus on implementing your vision based on your budget, time-frame, and goal. We are your residential masonry contractor of choice.  Anytime you Choose Us, your satisfaction is well guaranteed.

    Masonry Repair and Maintenance

    Bricks and blocks are stronger than other building materials and will last decades – properly maintained. However, they are not invincible. Under the wrong conditions, brick and mortar walls, chimneys, stairs and other elements of your property will begin to crumble.

    The most obvious sign that this is possible is the appearance of cracks in the motor joints. When you notice this, it can take a while for serious failures to start to occur.

    When you need expert bricks and blocks crack repair because the foundations have failed, do not look for anything beyond Fort Collins Masonry Company in Colorado. Our professionals can provide you with the foundation repairs you need, sometimes including duck pointer and motor repair.

    Fire pit

    How to make your evenings better anytime with amazing fire pit creation, it’s perfect for friend and family

    Outdoor Kitchen

    Nothing is better than a BBQ in your backyard and we all know it!! Let’s lay out the blueprint


    After decades of use, a brand new entrance with character enhances well the front of your house 

    Retaining Wall

    The demising wall plays an important role in separating apartments, tenants, or plant spaces. Our experienced technicians will help you to reach the maximum height fast and economically. The wall we build is suitable for mechanical components, floor, and roof; t helps you create a clean work environment because the workplace can be divided and controlled. This allows you to control other variables such as temperature, humidity and pressure.

    The modular flexibility of the wall our panel creates offers a lot of layout and design options and gives the panels a professional look.

    We are not only skilled in construction; we are your to-go when it comes to remodeling, repairing, and maintaining this important part of your property. Contact Us whenever you need masonry related demising wall jobs. You’ll be excited by what we do.

    Brick Repair

    We provide effective solutions to building challenges, including building renovation, restoration of building integration, the sustainability of building facades, and general solution work.

    Our experienced supervisors and field staff work with building owners, architects, engineers, builders, and consultants to design and implement solutions to a wide variety of building repair problems using proven methods, materials, and techniques.

    We are proud to receive support from fellow professionals to provide a one-stop-shop for a wide range of building solution requirements. 

    Crown Repair


    Retaining Wall

    Masonry Reinforcement

    Depending on the nature and purpose of your structure, you might need masonry reinforcement. This comes in handy when your concrete structure requires additional tensile strength. In such cases,  Masonry Fort Collins in Colorado is the solution to the challenge.

    We provide high-quality masonry enforcement: hardscaping, patio, poured concrete, stone veneer, services, paver installations, sidewalks to residents of Fort Collins.

    We can repair your new products such as pavement repairs, basement walls, pavements, retaining walls, and more.

    For instance, if you like some hardscaping, we do the work. Hardscaping is usually the process of adding stone, structures, or decorative touches to your garden or landscape. 

    Getting the services of an expert to finish your stone wall is better than trying a DIY approach. When you use our professional, you are sure to get excellent results and save time and money.

    Why Choose Fort Collins Masonry Contractor?



    Competitive Price

    Stone Patio, Light Post, and Steps

    Concrete has become part and parcel of today’s world. You’ll find it on patio, parking lots and many other locations. You can rest assured that your concrete fittings will perform better when done by our experts.

    If you are in Colorado, rest assured we are one of the best masonry companies to do the job for you. This is due to our precise focus on details, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Call us today to find out the difference we can make for your home or business.

    Our team of masonry experts can handle the following:

    • Stone Patio
    • Light Post
    • Footings
    • Floors
    • Blocks
    • Jack Arch
    • Cinder Blocks
    • Sealed Concrete
    • Driveways
    • Concrete Border
    • Colored Concrete
    • Decorative Concrete
    • Mailbox
    • Step Light Post

    Our team of technicians has the experience and knowledge to complete your work. Call us today to find out what we can do for you and schedule an appointment to meet all your needs.


    We are committed to delivering the best results when we work on your sidewalks. That is why we only use high-quality materials on your sidewalk.

    We consider many factors such as the look and theme you are trying to achieve and the budget you have for the project. Wood, stone, and brick are the most common choices. However, nothing comes close to concrete in popularity. 

    We are your best choice among concrete paving contractors in Colorado. We will ensure you achieve your dream results; it doesn’t matter whether it’s a rough look or a clean slate, our team will deliver it. 

    As a homeowner, you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of your property- which includes the sidewalks. If it is part of private property and the structure is dilapidating you are expected to take action soon. 

    Do not wait until the problem worsens. This can also pose a serious risk.  It is important to contact pedestrian repair contractors quickly from the first sign of a problem.

    As you scout around for the best sidewalk mason contractors, remember we are here for that purpose. Get in touch with us and we will let you know what we can do. We leave nothing to chance. From evaluating the problem.

    To do real work, you cannot expect anything other than the best from our experts. Whether it is a sidewalk repair or a completely new pavement construction, you can trust that we can provide the best results.    

    Loading Docks

    You know loading docks have a major impact on warehouse security and productivity. Proper use, installation of equipment, and ongoing maintenance plans can reduce energy consumption, increase labor productivity, and reduce the risk of accidents in and around docking areas.

    If you want to install a new loading dock or repair your existing dock, we are here to assist you.

    We have a fully dedicated division of experienced technicians who specialize in, and service, all types of loading dock equipment. We dare say we have one of the quickest response time, excellent customer service, and the highest performance in the industry.

    Pool Deck

    The gateway to your pool area is important. Our masonry workers can surround your pool with various decorative patterns to complement your unique tastes and styles.

    Has long been recognized as a leader in the swimming pool industry by continuously manufacturing, designing, and supplying high quality specialized aquatic equipment and complete filtration systems and steel recycling systems.

    Pool design services include:


    • Project Planning
    • Material Consultation
    • Specification Development
    • Comprehensive Development
    • Price Estimation

    When doing the initial planning, feasibility studies, budgeting, , or adjustment, you can find some suggestions from us that can give you the substantial savings you need in today’s economy.

    The design options and considerations available to the pool designer are enormous. Our experts can help you, your architects, consultants or engineers with preliminary ideas, ideas, or specific questions on the complex and challenging design issues.

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    We are ready to take on your projects in Fort Collins in the surrounding. Call Us for a free quote and talk to us, We can certainly help you! We also service the surrounding towns like Loveland, Laporte, Greeley, ArrowHead, Wellington, Windsor, Centerra and More in the Larimer County!